Sunday, April 11, 2010

What Does the Future Hold for General Motors?

What does the future hold for General Motors? Well, just by taking a look at the sales numbers you would think they were trending in the right direction. Cadillac is up 76% year over year and sales in Buick, Chevrolet, and GMC are up 40% in March 2010. On top of it, the industry as a whole is up 24.3%.

I'm also sure that the recall of the gas peddle sticking Toyota's gave the American auto industry a boost. Additionally, industry analysts are forecasting a big spring for GM after a 22% increase in sales in March, even though they just reported a 4.3 billion loss over the last six months.

Will these sales numbers really hold? Probably not. Forbes released a list of the top 7 worst cars of 2010 and GM tops the list with four of the seven. While their cars may be selling now that doesn't mean that they are well built. I think that Americans want cars that are well built for the money, and I think that is where Ford will step in. I think that GM just doesn't get it. They continue to reproduce the same cars just under different names. They need a game changer and that definitely is not one.

Ford Motor Company on the other hand has been on fire lately. Ford won both the 2010 car and truck of the year and are showing they know how to innovate. I have bashed Ford for years and just last year I would never think about buying a Ford, but today I would actually consider it. Just look at the facts: Ford did not have to take bailout money (the only one of the big three not to), they have a new CEO (the same one that reinvented Boeing), they are adding value to the overall driving experience, and their cars are well designed. I feel that Americans will notice this and buy a Ford rather than a GM car. What do you think?

Forbes 7 Worst-made Cars of 2010: Surprisingly, Toyota did not have one car on the list despite its recent recalls, and Ford only has one car on the list. GM has the most!

Cadillac Escalade
Chevrolet Aveo
Chevrolet Colorado
Dodge Nitro
Ford F-250
GMC Canyon
Jeep Wrangler

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